• VarAFT is an all-in-one friendly to use application for annotation, filtration and coverage analysis of NGS variant

  • VarAFT allows variant identification based on the mode of inheritance of a disease

  • VarAFT provides a simple to use graphical interface to prioritize variants using various filtration options

  • VarAFT can be used to evaluate coverage of a region of interest

  • VarAFT can be used to evaluate coverage of a region of interest

  • VarAFT provides tissues expression to filter variations

About VarAFT

With the development of Next Generation Sequencing technologies, the amount of data generated has reached an unprecedent level.

Mapping and variant Calling is often performed by a bioinformatician or a service provider. However the biologist is left with one or several variant files to analyze.

We have developed a new tool for the annotation and prioritization of potential disease causing genes, this tool is VarAFT. VarAFT is a standalone and multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Unix) system which is easy to install and easy to use. It does not require skills in informatics or a powerful computer.

With VarAFT, users can annote variant (VCF) files, combine multiple samples from various individuals, prioritize list of variants by multi-filtering parameters. Additionnaly, users can perform a coverage analysis and quality check from any BAM file.

Last changes

Juin 2016
  • Version 2.00 released
  • HG38 available (New ANNOVAR Version)
  • New Data Available (Kaviar, HRCR, OMIM ...)
  • Create your own local snp database
  • Coverage Analysis Module Optimized
  • Multithreaded process
  • VCF Multi Samples allowed
  • Tissues Expression from GTEx
  • Various gene score (RVIS, GDI, LoF, GHIS)
  • DMG, DEB and RPM availables for installation
  • and more ...
  • Septembre 2015
  • Version 1.61 released
  • BEDTools update and coverage Analysis optimized
    Juin 2015
  • Version 1.60 released
  • Memory Optimisation
  • Interface Optimisation
  • Update Pathway data
  • Custom results table
  • February 2015
  • Version 1.52 released
  • HSF links available
  • Customizable path for VarAFT Project and Annovar folders
  • Fundings