VarAFT requires minimal JAVA 1.8. Please choose a 64-bit version.

If you encour reach this message :
Java Virtual machine Launcher
Error: Could not create the Java Virtual machine.
Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.
Please install the 64-bit version of JAVA.
WINDOWS USERS : If your system is not compliant (32-bit OS or less than 3Gb of RAM) you could start VarAFT with a minimal configuration.
To do that launch VarAFT with VarAFT_min.exethat can be found in the VarAFT folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\VarAFT\).

WARNING : For a first install, you should click on "Settings" on the main menu and click on "Submit" button without perform change.
Without this step the analysis and filter process won't be succesfully ended.

Last Update

VarAFT 2.00:

The realease 2.06 of VarAFT is available:

This release corrects a major issue with varaft server connection, specially for the first utilisation.

The realease 2.05 of VarAFT is available:

Update Documentation (pdf)
Bugs Correction for export in varaft format
Update OMIM
Use HSF webservice (beta version)
Solved issues with the conf file and settings.

The realease 2.04:
Better performance for Coverage Analysis in custom mode. Bug correction for the associated action of button "Get Compound Heterozygous" in the Filter Module (last tab).

The realease 2.00 of VarAFT contains lot of news :
You must download the new database from the download module of VarAFT.
All annotations and coverage analysis performed on the previous version are not compatible with the realease 2.00.

User License Agreement

VarAFT is freely available for personal, academic and non-profit use only.
VarAFT uses ANNOVAR system.
Please be compliant with ANNOVAR licensing option (More information here)

Please cite VarAFT paper (in submission), ANNOVAR paper if you use it in your research papers.
If you use UMD-Predictor, please cite it too.

No liability for software usage is assumed.

Check this box to accept the license

WINDOWS Standard version
For your first installation of VarAFT download this version
For an update of the installation of VarAFT download this version (from 2.05 to 2.06)

WINDOWS version for user with no admin rigths
If you have no admin rights download this version
If you have no admin rights and it is an update of the installation of VarAFT download this version (from 2.05 to 2.06)

MAC & Unix Platforms
Mac version
Linux version (DEB)
Linux version (RPM)
Linux Version (Zip)

If you encounter any problems, during download or installation, check the FAQ or contact us.